• Juewell Cox

    Juewell Cox

  • Shayindio


  • Steven Isaacs

    Steven Isaacs

    I teach Video Game Design/Dev MS & HS. @codeorg TOTM @Brainpop POPstar #Camtasia @Graphite Educator .passionate about #gbl. #edtechbridge mod. husband.daddy.

  • Jose Sanchez

    Jose Sanchez

  • Neocogita


    Neocogita provides specialized services and products for cognitive fitness and mental wellbeing, known as #brainwellness

  • d.school K-12 Lab

    d.school K-12 Lab

    Building creative confidence in kids

  • Randy Weiner

    Randy Weiner

    Co-Founder/Former Board Chair, Urban Montessori Charter School; Co-Founder/CEO @brainquakeinc; Independent consultant, focused on edu innovation and equity.

  • Noa Adamsky

    Noa Adamsky

    Product Management Leader. MBA, married to Danny and a mother of 3 kids. I am passionate about Products, Design, Data, Growth, Mobile, Social & Marketing

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